Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tailgaters are evil

It seems like whenever someone tailgates me, 85% of the time it ends up being a truck or an SUV.
I'm sure it annoys them that I'm not going all supersonic fast like they want me to, but what makes no sense is this: They often refuse to just PASS me. Even when there's ample space and opportunity, they often just hang back there on purpose, as if they want to push me and "teach me a lesson" somehow.
It doesn't work.
All it does is put me in a really bad mood while I fervently wish for a hungry bear to attack them the next time they stop for gas.


Marilyn said...

I hate when I'm pulling a trailer load of stuff and they tailgate me. I really can't go any faster... and you're right, the idiots refuse to pass.

Mike Golch said...

just remember when they die,they will be stuck driving a yugo and a trucker barreling down on them and the trucks brakes do not work.