Friday, September 26, 2008

The best time to be near a dead skunk

As most of you know from reading my other blogs, I've been sick this week.
It's now reached the point where I can't smell or taste anything.
This has ended up being a blessing in disguise, though, because there's a road-killed skunk right next to my driveway.
Last night I woke up smelling something odd. At first I wasn't sure what happened; I wondered if maybe one of the cats had an accident, or maybe my neighbors were burning garbage. Eventually I decided that it was skunk-like, and the reason I hadn't immediately identified it was because I was only able to partially smell it. My nose/sinuses hadn't gotten completely plugged yet.
Today, my lack of smell is complete. The dead skunk probably still reeks, but I can't smell a thing.
I could probably go out there and lick it and not even notice.
I promise not to try that, though.


Marilyn said...

It wasn't road kill. Those skunk hunting gnomes I sent over there left you a present and they're a little miffed that you can't enjoy it right now.

Get better soon.

Jamie said...

From a distance that odor isn't horrid. Up close, your eyes water and your stomach does flip flops ... don't take up smelling any time soon.

Mo said...

We had a rotting skunk near our cottage in Rhode Island. Every once in a while we'd get a whiff of deteriorating skunk anal glands.
Mix that with the rotting stench of seaweed drifts on the beach.... ah, nothing quite smells like vacation!

Mike Golch said...

the only think worse that a dead skunk is one that is living in a wooded area near you.I hope that the nut case on a dirt bike finds it the hard way.

Kyle McHattie said...

Yeah, dead roadkilled skunk is probably not like chicken soup. I doubt it will make you feel better :) LOL