Saturday, November 10, 2007

Life with laundry

My washing machine broke awhile back, and it stayed that way for quite a few months before I was able to have the repairman come out and fix it. That's not the repair guy's fault; I just didn't call for the longest time because (1) I'm a procrastinator (2) I dreaded having to pay him.
Well, it's all taken care of now, and I'm back to doing laundry here in the privacy of my own home, instead of laundromats or my mom's house. I had no idea how expensive laundromats have gotten! The dryers LOOK deceptively cheap (50 cents) but that's never enough to actually DRY the whole load, so you end up spending multiple dollars just re-running the dryer over and over again. And if you try separating it into lots of smaller loads to make it dry faster, well, it's still at least 50 cents per load, so you spend the same either way.
I can't remember exactly how much the washer was per load, but I think it was well over two bucks.
My washer cost $90.00 to fix.
Considering the expense of a laundromat, I suppose the repair was well worth it.

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