Thursday, September 13, 2007

The pictures of my life

Digital cameras are a really popular holiday gift.
I remember when they were really obscenely expensive, back when the technology first came out. Now you can see the price settling down at a much lower level.
In fact, my digital camera was REALLY cheap... so cheap that I'd like to get a better one someday. I use it for blogging, mostly, when I want to show my readers a scene of something here locally (like the aftermath of a snowstorm last year).
And sometimes I like to take fun silly pictures for no apparent reason. For example, here's a picture I posted on The Jannaverse a few months ago. It's me with my eyes closed, holding a bottle of ketchup against my face for no reason.
(Do I need a reason?)
After I took the picture, I used my photo-editing software to try various looks, and decided I liked the black-and-white look. It almost makes it look antique or something. So that's why the picture isn't in color. I made it that way on purpose.
My mom has a really great digital camera, where you can preview the picture you just took. I want one like that. If I end up making some spending money these next few months, I may go shopping for a new and better digital camera.
If I end up going totally wild I may even get cool stuff like digital picture frames.
Just imagine how much more fun it would be to blog if I could have good quality pictures of EVERYTHING in my life.
"This is me, walking to the bathroom....."
"This is me, driving to the store..."
"This is me, realizing my leg has just fallen asleep...."

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