Thursday, September 13, 2007

I never claimed to make sense

In many ways, I am a perfectionist.
In other ways, I'm the furthest thing from it.
From a musical standpoint, I get annoyed if things are not RIGHT. If the flutes are not in tune with the clarinets, I notice that and it bugs me.
If the fourth chair french horn is not in tune with the first chair french horn (me), I notice it and it BUGS me.
If the tempo is lagging and the conductor is struggling to make everyone watch, I notice that and it BUGS me. Things need to be RIGHT, dammit.
But, in other areas, I am far from being fussy.
Have you SEEN the inside of my car? It's a mess. Car wash employees run screaming in terror when they see me drive by.
The inside of my fridge is also a sight fit for a horror movie.
And I really need to get some of this cat hair off my furniture. I have one of those lint roller thingies and it works ok, I just need to use it more often.
So I am a study in opposites. My music has to be done properly, but my housekeeping... um, yeah, not so much.
I realize this made you all lose just a wee bit of respect for me.
Sorry about that.

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