Wednesday, August 1, 2007

A Watched PR Never Boils

Some of you out there may be aware that this is "Page Rank" season for Google.
It's time for blogs and websites to get their PR updated.
I only became aware of the whole PR thing after signing up for PayPerPost. (I sometimes do PayPerPost ads over at Jantics. There's a possibility I might do them here someday as well). The reason PR makes a difference is that better advertising opportunities are available to blogs with better PR. Conversely, the blogs with low PR (or zero PR) often have no ad opportunities at all. So that's why I've learned to really be concerned about it.
That being said, I think the suspense is turning me into a miserable, bitter old woman.
There were reports of the update beginning back on July 8th, even though it hadn't been predicted to happen until July 21st. So I eagerly began checking my PR every day, usually MORE than once per day, eagerly awaiting the moment when my three unranked blogs (Jantrails, Jannagraphics, Jantics) acquired a rank better than zero. Yet the whole month of July has come and gone, and still none of my blogs have changed.
These past few days it's reached critical mass for me. I've become SO frustrated with the whole thing, not to mention obsessed.
Since I KNOW the update is imminent, (in fact, for some blogs it has already happened), I find myself re-loading the PR-checking page over and over, impatiently hoping to catch the moment the data centers begin fluctuating for me. I check all of my blogs' stats, one after the other, getting increasingly upset every time I see that NOTHING HAS CHANGED.
I realize it's not healthy to subject myself to this kind of stress.
I realize it's not a life-and-death matter.
Is it worth all the misery and stress and emotional burnout?
The scary thing is, there's still a part of me that says "YES."
And as soon as I finish typing this, I fully plan to go check my PR.