Monday, July 30, 2007

Manic Monday: Miss

Things I Miss From My Childhood:

(1) Choco-Lite candy bars (chocolate with zillions of little air bubbles whipped into it. The texture was amazing and I loved it SOOO much)

(2) Dimension shampoo (The scent was fabulous)

(3) Taking walks with my grandfather (who passed away about 14 years ago)

(4) Not having to worry about paying any bills or taxes at all

(5) McDonalds cherry pies.... back when they were deep fried instead of baked.


Amazing Gracie said...

I miss Coke and Pepsi in glass bottles.
I miss anything fried!

Gattina said...

Don't be sad ! In 20 years you will miss the things you have today !

Lois Grebowski said...

Another Choco-Lite candy bar fan! WOO HOO!

I was going to add Pepsi Light to the list, too...but I thought that would push it too far...

Jamie said...

Now those are things worth missing and remembering.

I miss the taste of Ipana toothpaste and chicken sticks candy.

Crazy Working Mom said...

Everything is better deep fried, hmmm?

Now, everything is baked. Bleck!

Great MM.

Marilyn said...

I never had one of those candy bars... I didn't even know I'd missed them.

I miss paper grocery sacks. These plastic ones suck.

tegdirb92 said...

I'm a fan of the McD's apple pies--loved them!!

Morgen said...

I never heard of Choco-lite candy bar.
Frankly, I'm amazed that YOU are waxing poetic about anything with "lite" in the name!

Mert said...

I miss those MsDonalds pies too!:)

Travis said...

There were only 2 things that could draw me to McDonalds - fries and those cherry pies.

I think I remember those Choco-lites too.

Michael said...

You can still find Coke in glass bottles here and there, I prefer it that way when I can get it.