Thursday, August 2, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen habits I could have
that would be WORSE than my PR obsession:

1) Throwing dead birds at homeless people
2) Washing my hair in honey mustard
3) Swallowing any penny I find on the ground
4) Drawing tic-tac-toe grids with permanent marker on strangers' clothes
5) Sniffing the armpits of people with blue eyes
6) Putting motor oil on Ritz crackers
7) Hiring a mafia hit man to eliminate everyone with a PR better than mine
8) Doing the Chicken Dance naked in my driveway every time a red car drives by
9) Watching American Idol
10) Bringing Ex-Lax brownies to a family reunion
11) Making seat covers out of poison ivy
12) Burping every time someone says the word "The"
13) Drizzling Italian dressing on the doorsteps of people I like
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julia said...

I sniff the armpit of my blue-eyed husband, but I'm allowed - he's my husband.

By the way, how does one check one's blog PR?

Morgen said...

from laxative brownies to naked chicken dancing, my oh my what a kaleidescope of visual images you've imparted today!

I'm particularly PR obsessed at the moment, too -- wasn't it supposed to upgrade by August first???

Oh, Julia - trust me, in this case, ignorance may be bliss...

bundle-o-contradictions said...

Wow, you put shame to the thoughts I have that I think are funny. You're always good for a laugh, thank you!

Marilyn said...

Well... I just learned about Alexa. I'm watching to see how you guys that know these things go about it.