Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Pictures of our concert

Our concert was tonight!
Here are some pictures of the evening.
Usually our concerts are an indoor event, with us wearing formal black dresses/suits, but since this was an outdoor concert we got to be informal and wear t-shirts instead.
I got there early, and here's what the empty chairs looked like, all haphazardly strewn around.

Here's my french horn, sitting on top of my Lord Of The Rings music:

Here's Morgian.
She's multitasking-- scratching her eye and flipping me off at the same time:

Here is my french horn student, Tess, who got to play in the concert with us.
Sorry the camera chopped half your face off, Tess.

Here is a view of our pre-concert rehearsal. The one standing up is our conductor, Bob Livingston. He is a remarkable guy!

Remember Chris, who I've mentioned a couple times over on The Jannaverse? He got to conduct our final piece, which was John Philip Sousa's Semper Fidelis. In both these pictures he happened to have his lower half blocked by some blonde chick in the flute section. In a way it's neat because if you blur your eyes it looks like he's wearing a grass hula skirt.

Next, we have Kyle, who is an AMAZING flautist and an all-around sweet guy:

Here are a few of the people who also happen to be in ABC group. Kyle's the one to the left, standing up. The guy in the blue shirt is Curtis, who plays trumpet. He's looking at Morgian, who plays baritone/euphonium. Off to the very far right you can sort of see Kristen, who plays saxophone.

The concert was ok. People said it was great, but I'm a perfectionist, and I always notice things that could have gone better.
Still, it was a fun evening, and I hope you enjoyed wading through these pictures almost as much as I enjoyed taking them.
Thanks for all the scrolling you had to do to get down this far. :)


Mr. Fabulous said...

You know I love you, and you may be an awesome French horn player, but you really need to take a photography course :)

Morgen said...

I'm laughing at Fab's comment!
I think a decent camera would help...
No pictures of YOU.
You should have let Kyle take some pics of you cuddling with the French Horn!
So, now that the concert is over, do you have some Tuesday nights free?

Desert Songbird said...

My sister has a habit of putting people in the lower left corner when she takes photos. One time she took a beautiful photo of my family and me at Hoover Dam - but she left me out of the photo.

Turnbaby said...

I think Mo is correct--it's the camera not the photographer!

*smacking Fabby's butt*

Morgiana Le Fey said...

C'mon, Janna, you might have not thought that things sounded very good but give us a little credit...this is, after all, the first time the band has played together OUTSIDE in like three years almost...outside-ness does bad, bad things to a group like ours...and yeah, it's totally a camera thing, not a person-holding-the-camera one.

*high five's self* Yaay! I'm totally mentioned on Janna's blog! I feel special...

Janna said...

Mr. Fab: HEY!! That's not nice! My camera is a cheap little ten-dollar POS. It doesn't even have a viewfinder to look into, so I have to just aim and guess and click. That's why stuff gets framed so poorly. If you would like to donate a better camera, I will gladly begin the process of posting better pictures.

Morgen: There are no pictures of me because I look like crap.

Desert Songbird: Ooops!

Turnbaby: Thanks for smacking Fab. Although he probably enjoyed it.

Morgian: Oh, MOST of us sounded decent. I'm sure you sounded awesome. You always do. :)

Marilyn said...

I don't know anything about music but French Horns look sexy and they have French in the name. Can't be a bad thing.

Janna said...

Marilyn: I agree 100%!

Juby said...

wow..I look horrible in the group pic you know i have to prepare before ah git mah pitchuh takin'..sheeeit baby! lol but of course Kristen's boob made a cameo appearence..loves it!