Tuesday, December 18, 2012

This can't be good

I'm worried about my cat.

When I got home today, he was acting strangely.  He meowed constantly like something was wrong, plus he kept walking in circles.  It looked like he might have been staggering slightly on one of his hind legs.

When I reached down to pet him, he slunk down as if it was difficult to stand up when I ran my hand along his back.

He hasn't eaten since I got home.

He doesn't seem to have energy to do anything except lay in the middle of the hallway.

I'm worried.
I need to call the vet tomorrow morning.

I'll keep you updated.


Mike Golch said...

sorry that the cat's not doing well.

Janna said...

Mike: Thank you. He's still at the vet; they need to keep him overnight. I get the sense they're trying to prepare me for the worst.