Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Bean slime... not my favorite thing.

Do you hear that?
What's that sound?

It's the sound of absolutely no one caring what I ate today.

And yet, here I am posting it anyway.

By the way, the Progresso soup was awful. Really bad. The texture was like that "bean slime" you get from a can of kidney beans, and the flavor was almost nonexistent. It did NOT taste like jalapenos at all. It hardly tasted like anything. Really nasty bad.

Strawberry yogurt
(didn't feel like having anything else; I had a headache and didn't feel well)

Bean & cheese burrito with salsa

Grape tomatoes
Diet orange crush

Progresso "Black Bean Jalapeno" soup (Blecchhh! Yuk!)
Cheese crackers
Baby carrots

P.S. Rest assured I'm drinking plenty of water. If only to get the bean slime taste out of my mouth.

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