Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Maybe I'll just cook my OWN dinner tonight... and tomorrow.... and the day after that

Perhaps you've heard the news about Domino's Pizza.
Last week, two idiot employees decided to take a video during their workshift. The guy was doing stuff like putting the cheese up his nose before putting it on someone's sandwich, "sneezing" on food, and blowing boogers onto it. He also held a piece of salami behind his butt and farted on it, then plopped it onto the sandwich.

They thought this was hilarious, and actually posted it on YouTube. (!!!)
Disgust and outrage exploded throughout the cyberverse, and soon the video had over a million hits. Their company found out, and the two people got fired.
They've also been arrested under a felony warrant.

Here's an article about it in The New York Times.
Here's an article in MLive.com.

Here's a news broadcast about it.
And here's another. (This one has plenty of shots taken from the original video, so it's especially worth seeing)

(Edit: The original video seems to have been taken down because the guilty employee is trying to cover her butt, but the story is still being posted plenty of other places on YouTube. Here, try this one.)

After getting in trouble, the two employees tried to claim that the food never got delivered to the customers.
But on their video, they said it WAS on its way to being delivered. This leads me to believe that it did indeed get eaten by someone. Acccgghhhh.

Domino's is obviously worried about losing business over this.
Really, when it comes right down to it, you have no idea what restaurants are doing to your food.
Pardon my shuddering.

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Blue Beak said...

Yes, I saw this and thought it was crass and idiotic behaviour. Unfortunately it happens all too often. There was one TV show here showing covert CCTV of kitchens and one employee was caught urinating into the coffee pot. He had been doing it for some time.