Monday, April 27, 2009

It should at least be warmer than my body temperature...

Sometimes, to save money on lunch, mom and I bring leftovers to work.
I don't mind eating leftovers. I do, however, insist that they be heated up in the microwave first.
Mom, on the other hand, has no problem eating cold spaghetti, cold meatloaf, cold pizza, cold macaroni, cold ANYTHING.

I just.... can't.
Mine HAS to be warmed up first.

What about the rest of you?
Are you able to eat cold leftovers, or do you want them heated back up first?


Mariposa said...

I don't mind leftovers as well...and I rarely care heating my food unless it's soup...I however is too lazy to carry lunch around...LOL

Thom said...

I for one am a cold left over eater...except when something gets that gel on it but then I just take a napkin and wipe it off LOL. Have a great Manic Monday :)

Da Old Man said...

Other than soup, cold is fine. Cold pizza is on of life's little pleasures.

Blue Beak said...

I don't mind cold. In the interests of efficiency, I have even been known to mix all the leftovers together before tucking in.