Monday, September 8, 2008

What have I missed?

MM-banner20Awhile back, I did a post on the 'Stache where I confessed that I really don't get very interested in celebrity news and gossip. Other than the HUGE news that gets plastered on the radio and the BBC website, I tend to remain blissfully unaware of most juicy Hollywood gossip.
If there was a quiz about who was dating who, and who cheated on who, and whose kids are named what, I would probably fail miserably.
I think I could probably give you the names of three celebrities who are into Scientology, and I seem to remember that one of the "Friends" chicks (Jennifer Aniston?) used to be with Brad Pitt, but then he cheated and left her for somebody named Angelina Jolie who has pouty lips. I guess they've either had kids or adopted kids or something. Have they given their kids freaky names? Have they donated large sums of money to worthy causes, like "The Foundation To Vastly Improve McDonalds' Drive-Thru Service"?
'Cause, y'know, I could really get into that.


Meloncutter said...

Wow. Now that was a post to risk advanced carpel-tunnel symptoms on.

I thought hollywoood burned down.

Later Y'all.

Marilyn said...

Is there such a foundation for Wendy's? Cause they could use it. Not that I would donate to it. They have enough of my money from the time they tried to short change us.

lucy said...

Very creative take on the theme. Original...that is why I like this see what everyone comes up with...kuddos!

Janna said...

Meloncutter: Huh? .... What?

Marilyn: They tried to shortchange you?

Lucy: Kudos to you too.