Saturday, July 12, 2008

Stuck at home, talking to cats, and dancing with doritos

In the old days (and by "old days" I mean maybe last year), when I was bored and lonely, it was fun to drive around and go places. I'd have lunch somewhere, maybe do a little grocery shopping, or just sit at a roadside park and read a magazine or watch the birds on the lake.
But these days, with gas so expensive, I can't afford to make these little trips every time I get bored or lonely.
It's frustrating.
I've been home alone for the past two days, reading, websurfing, snacking, and talking to the cats.
It's fun for the first couple hours, but then I find I have drifted into a special brand of insanity where I imagine the rest of the world has disappeared and I'll never know because I can't afford to drive there.
You guys are still out there, somewhere.... right?


Sans Pantaloons said...

I'm still here, although I could be a fixbox of your immense imagination.
I'm not helping am I?

Mo said...

still out here