Saturday, May 17, 2008

A quiet moment with Janna

I feel sort of empty and direction-less today.
In a moment I'm going to take out the garbage. Big excitement there.
I may also stop at the gas station, just for the shock value of seeing how much it costs now. Last time I checked, it was over four bucks. That's just wrong! Ugly nasty highway robbery.
I stay home a lot more often than I used to, which perhaps contributes to my sense of feeling lonely and disconnected.
I could pin it on other things, too, but really I have no energy left to think about any of that.

When I first started Jantrails, I intended it to be more of an outlet for my pet peeves and my everyday junk. It's kind of strayed from that. Once in awhile I talk about serious stuff, but usually it's just a more watered-down version of The Jannaverse. I've been thinking of changing that somehow. I want to post more often and talk more about myself.

Since hardly anyone reads this blog, it will be a nice quiet way to get my feelings out.
Though I have to say, it sure is lonely over here.

1 comment:

Meloncutter said...

Aw hell. I was going to type something uplifting a supportive but crap, nothing came to me.

I will just email ya.

Later Y'all.