Monday, May 19, 2008

Manic Monday: Play

Sunday morning, while trying to sleep in, I heard the sound of one of my cats playing with something on the bathroom floor. It sounded like a pebble being rolled around.
You know how cats are. They'll bat it around, then chase it and catch it, then bat it around again and repeat the process.
I never did find out what object was being taunted, because pretty soon I heard a *tink*, and then another sound which meant they knocked it over the furnace vent and it fell in.
Whatever it was, it will never be seen again.
Hope it wasn't anything important.

On the bright side, I was then able to roll over and go back to sleep.


Marilyn said...

Cats are way better than kids that way. If a kid wakes you up playing with an unknown object there's no getting bac to sleep.

Jamie said...

Anyone with multiple cats knows that trying to sleep when your body under the covers becomes part of the race track of life ... at least you got to roll over.

Meloncutter said...

My cat Harry will find a lid from a pop bottle. He loves to play with them and will fetch them for hours on end as long as you throw them for him. If he finds one in the middle of the night he will bring it into bed and drop it on my head until I wake up. He wants to play. I usually throw him instead of the lid.

Later Y'all.

Travis said...

Mr Tucker likes to tops to soda bottles...I call them his hockey pucks.