Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Old enough to remember the seventies

A few weeks ago I turned 38. I was born on January 11th, 1970.
By some definitions, this qualifies as pretty old, since I can remember when candy bars cost 20 cents, and gas was about 55 cents a gallon.
Computers as we know them didn't even exist when I was in grade school.
Even in high school, when the first versions of desktop computers reached the classrooms, they were these ugly things with black screens and glowing green text letters. It was all in BASIC, which was a type of computer language we had to learn back then.
I don't even remember it any more.

So, sure, the young folks today would probably consider me a fossil.
Anyone older than 38, on the other hand, seems quick to insist that I am "still young" or "just a kid."

38 is NOT "just a kid," believe me. I realize that.
But still, I guess I'm ok with the whole thing. I'll save my depression for the year 2010, when I will be 40.
Now THAT'S scary.


Padraigin said...

Ha! i'm the fossil! i'm four years older..but I feel as young as I did when I was 25! I remember my first computer..and to think i've been online (started with Prodigy) since 1987..a year before my almost 20 year old son was born! lol..computers have come a long way...

and're far from a fossil..we're only as old as we let ourselves feel!! :p

Janna said...

Padraigin: My mind feels about 20 and my body feels about 80. So I average out somewhere around 50. Except I'm actually 38.