Thursday, December 20, 2007

Thirteen words that sound funny if you say them over and over again until they don't sound like words anymore

1. Burglar
2. Rutabaga
3. Purple
4. Scuba
5. Jerky
6. Toupee
7. Curdle
8. Equinox
9. Reciprocity
10. Stupefy
11. Chrysanthemum
12. Mart
13. Paisley

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Mo said...

How about discussed?
Of course, when you say it out loud it sounds like disgust.
Discuss the discrepancy between discussed and disgust amongst yourselves.

Marilyn said...

Most words fall into this category... but I've always been prtial to marmoset marmlade... not as a breakfast spread, but I just like the way it sounds when you say it over and over.

Janna said...

Morgen: You discussed me. :)

Marilyn: Wow, you're right, I just said it out loud 45 times to myself, and it's beautiful. Like a foreign language, spoken by a people that values unique condiments...

Travis said...

You forgot noodles.

Becky said...

syzygy is a great one for the next list...

Janna said...

Travis: Noodles... hee hee!!!

Becky: ooooh, and that's a good Scrabble word too!