Monday, December 24, 2007

Manic Monday: Joy

I went to grade school with a girl named Joyce.
Back then, my nickname was "Jannie" (my actual name is Jannafer).
When we got to Junior High, we both changed our names in hopes of a (hopefully) more adult persona.
I changed mine to "Janna", and she changed hers to "Joy."
Part of the reason I changed is because way too many people kept screwing up the name "Jannie" and were calling me "Jenny" instead. I hated that.
Joyce/Joy and I weren't really close friends; we were more like polite acquaintances. So I never got the chance to ask her how HER name change turned out.
I wonder if she kept it throughout adulthood, like I kept "Janna", or did she switch back to "Joyce"?
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Crazy Working Mom said...

Try being a white girl with the name "Latichia Black". That's a hard one to explain. ;)

Merry Christmas Joyful Janna.

Tisha @ CrAzY Working Mom

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Joy and Janna are both good choices. Have a wonderful Christmas season filled with lots of joy (not Joyce) and happiness. :)

Janna said...

CWM: Oooh, yeah.... that WOULD be hard to explain. :)

Sandee: Thanks! Same to you! :)