Saturday, December 29, 2007

Photo Hunters: Messy

After band rehearsal on Tuesday nights, we used to all go out for dinner at this place in Hillsdale called "Cavoni's". At first we loved it. The food is great, and we loved our waitress (Ashley).
Ashley was amazing, and she was always good to us.
Then Ashley left, and was replaced by this other waitress. I think her name was Carrie, or Kerri, or something like that.
She did NOT like us.
She resented having to serve us so late at night (we would arrive as soon as rehearsal was over, as soon as we could, which usually ended up being around 9:30). The place closes at 10:00.
It had never been an issue at all when Ashley was there.
We'd always felt welcomed before, but now we felt just the opposite.
Carrie/Kerri became less and less friendly, and the situation became messy.
It's a shame, because we liked their food, and our group was spending at least a hundred bucks there each week (not counting tips).
We'd always tipped Ashley generously, but this new chick got less and less everytime she made some crack about how we were inconveniencing her.
One of us in the group spoke to her about it in front of the manager, and the manager actually sided with the waitress.
That really added insult to injury, and made the situation even messier.
So, we left, we NEVER went back, and now we find other places to spend our money instead-- places where we are treated better and are made to feel welcome.


Carver said...

That's an original take on the theme. Yep, people can be messy when interacting with each other. Good idea for the photohunt theme.

napaboaniya said...

They've lost a couple of customers.. a mess for them :)
It's not a Weekend;It's a Lifestyle

eastcoastlife said...

Yep, I would go somewhere else too if the service is no good.

Happy New Year!

Huey said...

Ouch. I'll do the same thing if I were you. She could have spoken in a nicer way. :)

Janna said...

Carver: This definitely qualified as a messy situation. Thanks for stopping by! :)

Napaboaniya: I agree. They've lost customers AND money.

EastCoastLife: Exactly. Happy New Year to you too!

Huey: Precisely. And she could also have recognized the fact that she is there to serve the customers, regardless of what time they happen to arrive. It's a shame she ended up losing out on what could have been an excellent opportunity for tips. Our group tips quite generously when we are treated well.

danielctw said...

If the service ain't good, I definitely find an alternative place next time. It's a mess I agree
My Version of Messy

Pat said...

Glad you found a happier place!

Happy New Year!

Team Tabby said...

you were such good customers too and you were regular so they knew when you would be there - so they could be ready......yep, time to find a new place and get away from that messy situation!

T.R. said...

That was definitely a messy situation. I think you should write to the owner. What is the point of being open until 10 pm if they don't want to serve.

Cheysuli and gemini said...

We did consider the relationship messy side of thing--=but how to photograph it!

I think the other waitress was smart enough to know that she may have had to work a little more but she got some good tips!

Janna said...

DanielCTW: Yes, we definitely found a better place to go!

Pat: We did! Part of me hopes that someone from Cavoni's will read this and realize just how badly they screwed up...

TeamTabby: Exactly! Good point! We were regulars, they KNEW when we would be there, so it's not like we were an unpleasant surprise for them. They had ample time to prepare. They should have looked at the group as an opportunity instead of an interruption.

TR: The manager I mentioned, he was the owner's son. Somehow I suspect the owner would also side with the waitress, as illogical as that is. It's bad business, plain and simple.

Cheysuli/Gemini: Ashley was wonderful. We really, really missed her after she left. And yes, I agree that she was probably quite a bit smarter than Carrie.

my said...

i agree, leave the place for somewhere else

chris said...

happy new year

Mo said...

THAT is the place that treated you like crap?
With Michigan's shitty economy, I am amazed that any business owner would allow a regular group of people to be treated so MESSILY.
I was picturing some swank upscale Italian eatery, not some dumpy stripmall joint.
I think y'all are much better elsewhere!

Janna said...

My: We did, and we're happier! :)

Chris: Same to you!

Morgen: "Dumpy Stripmall Joint!" LOL!! Now I definitely hope someone from Cavoni's sees this. I'd love to see the look on their face! Honestly, if they'd just kept treating us as nicely as Ashley did, we would have stayed. They have good food. Kind of expensive, but good. It was that new waitress's fault. She just couldn't stand having our group there at that time of day. She didn't like how loud the group could be, and she didn't like that we'd have to push tables together to make room for everyone in the group. But, y'know, I think the money we spent makes us WORTH a little bit of trouble. And I'll say it again, if she'd been as nice as Ashley, she would have made a LOT in tips.

Anonymous said...

Original take on this week's theme. Too bad you lost your hang out.

Meloncutter said...

Ok.... I have reviewed your post and the comments. Here is what I recommend.

First start out the morning with a large mostly egg breakfast. For lunch eat much broccoli. Have a few beers in the afternoon. For supper, early, eat a good mess of cheap frozen burritos. Have everyone in the orchestra do this.

Hit the place at your regular time and just order drinks. Let nature take its course and "rip" a few good tunes from the old buttaphone.

At least you will have the satisifaction of knowing that even after you are gone, they will know you were there for a week.

Later Y'all.

Travis said...

Well, if the restaurant didn't feel it needed your group's $100 and if the waitress had no need of the tips, then harumph to them I say.

Janna said...

Lorian: It's ok. We found a better place to hang out! :)

Meloncutter: Once again you amaze me with your wisdom. And I laugh out loud everytime I see the word "buttaphone." :)

Travis: My sentiments exactly!

JesieBlogJourney said...

Good thing you have found a better place to hang out.

Thanks for visiting. Happy New Year.

gloridel said...

maybe the manager( male ?? ) likes that waitress that's why he sided with her..

anyways, better find a place where you get a better service :D

have a great holiday :D

ideru of

Janna said...

Jesie: We have indeed found a better place. :)

Gloridel: Interesting theory! I'd never considered that. Maybe he DID like her. LOL!