Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thirteen things that sound good right now, as long as someone else does the cooking

1. Chipotle marinated flank steak with southwest rice
2. Fettucine alfredo with grilled chicken
3. Risotto
4. Shrimp scampi
5. Stuffed flounder
6. Crab cakes
7. French toast
8. Jambalaya
9. Sweet & sour chicken
10. BBQ ribs
11. Dark chocolate chesecake
12. Black raspberry pie
12. Chocolate torte
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katherine. said...

most of them sound great....I want French Toast RIGHT NOW. (not doing 4, 5, 6, 8)

Janna said...

Katherine: Are you allergic to seafood?

Mo said...

I can't do #4
and we'll have to make sure #8 doesn't have shrimp, either (yes, I've had good jambalaya without shrimp)

I'll substitute Mags' individual beef wellingtons for #4, okay?

Damn, I'm hungry now!

Travis said...


Oh wait...this is your list.


katherine. said...



I only eat two things that grow in water...rice and cranberries.

Janna said...

Morgen: Well, we can BOTH order shrimp scampi, then you can give yours to ME. I think that's an excellent plan. Bring a sack lunch or something for yourself.

Travis: That's ok; cake sounds good too. Especially moist rich fudgy chocolate cake with enough thick dense frosting to put me on a sugar high for the rest of the day.

Katherine: I like both of those too!

Tracy said...

I will take a serving of each please .... as long as someone else does the cooking.

llc operating agreement

Wayne said...

You for got Red Lobster's Salmon New Orleans! OMG! So Yummy!

Janna said...

Tracy: Me too!

Wayne: Never had that, but it sounds good!