Wednesday, November 28, 2007

On the subject of Page Rank

Some links relevant to the topic of PAGE RANK, which I will be discussing as a co-host on The Mo Show this evening on BlogTalkRadio:

Explanations of what Page Rank means:

Sites where you can check your PR:

Posts about Google dropping PR for blogs that have paid ads:

One of the PayPerPost forums where it becomes clear that Google has punished us for doing paid ads. Nearly every PPP blogger has had their PR dropped, and many have been dropped all the way down to zero:

People have been "reporting" blogs (with paid ads) to Google, turning them in as if they were criminals. Google then proceeds to drop the PR of those blogs.
Here's a post which describes this quite well.
(later that night.....)
The show is all done! Thank you, to all of you who listened.
For a recap of my rant, click HERE.

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