Friday, September 14, 2007

Things Mozart never had to deal with

1) High gas prices
2) Alien probing (as far as we know)
3) Scooping a litter box
4) Calories at McDonalds
5) George Bush
6) Speed limits
7) Printer jams
8) Slow dial-up connections
9) Martha Stewart
10) Rap music


Michael C said...

He was also immune to music videos and Weird Al doing versions of his songs...and oddly, ever having to hear Muzak versions of his greatest hits...

Michael C said...

And I swear I wrote that AFTER seeing your profile, which I just did.

Mo said...

Two more things: SPAM e-mails about Mega Dik and online dating service profiles that say "normaldude" and then show a picture of a guy in a jockstrap bound in duct tape.