Saturday, September 29, 2007

Avoiding the stress of Black Friday

Lee and Morgen both have a background working in retail. Lee's found a nice quiet job at a library now, but Morgen has delved even deeper into the world of retail by opening his own store.
He used to be an HR manager at a Target store. Lee also used to work at a Target store, plus he's also worked at a Staples.
Every year they would get really stressed out this time of year when it got close to "Black Friday."
In case you didn't know, "Black Friday" is the first day after Thanksgiving, the first shopping day of the Christmas season, when stores have their big sales. It's a totally insane time to work in a store. It's crowded, and the customers can be impatient, demanding, and inconsiderate. Not ALL of them are that way, of course, but it happens often enough to make Black Friday a miserable time to work in retail.
I've found a site called, which lets people buy that sale stuff without having to set foot in a store on that day. You can search through their black friday ads at home in your pajamas without having to endure the hassle you would inevitably find in the actual store.
For example, here are the Target specials for Black Friday.
If Lee and Morgen still worked at Target, they'd have to deal with hordes of customers, all clamoring, complaining, and crowding the aisles like a monstrous colony of ants.
I'd rather stay home and shop on the internet, thank you very much.
Call me antisocial if you want, but at least I don't have to fight for a parking space.

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