Sunday, September 30, 2007

And I used to know how to change a flat tire, too

If I had some metal cabinets in my garage, here is what I would put on them:

1) Supply of gas additives like dry gas and fuel injector cleaner
2) Gallon of antifreeze
3) A few quarts of oil
4) A few quarts of transmission fluid
5) Roll of paper towels (to wipe the dipstick on when I check the oil)

What? Stop looking at me like that. I do TOO know how to check my oil and transmission fluid. Well, at least I used to.
Ok, I admit it. I haven't checked my own oil in years. I now rely solely on those lovely drive-thru oil change places. It's easier. I like things that make my life easier.
But still my garage would look impressive if I had all that stuff neatly stocked.
Perhaps it would help me to get dates.
I could incorporate it in my pick-up line:
"Hey, baby, how ya doin? I wear an F-cup bra AND I have transmission fluid on metal cabinets in my garage. Wanna buy me a drink?"

Hey, it could work.


Meloncutter said...

F cup. Damn.

Might have to get some cheetos to go with that though.

Later Y'all.

Reza said...

You write very well.