Monday, September 5, 2011

Are you still wearing pants? How about now?

Every now and then I decide to go vegetarian for a week.
I always blog about it on The Jannaverse, and most people are absolutely bored to tears. I can tell this because most people don't comment.
(I suppose there's always hope that I've awed them into speechless wonder, but somehow I doubt it.)

Anyway, I'm going vegetarian this week, and instead of boring the pants off my Jannaverse readers, I've decided to bore the pants off my Jantrails readers instead.

(The irony being that I don't think I even HAVE any Jantrails readers, and if I do, they might not wear pants.)

Anyway, here's what I ate today:

Nothing! It's Labor Day, I have the day off, and I slept in.
(Easiest vegetarian meal EVER.)

Fresh raspberries
Chocolate almond "Fiber Plus" bar

Flour tortilla topped with marinara sauce and parmesan cheese, baked in oven until crispy

Macaroni and cheese
Sugar-free pink lemonade

Strawberry yogurt


nonamedufus said...

Hey, this vegetarian thing isn't so bad.

Monkey Man said...

I am a devout meataterian. A regular meataholic. I am afraid your meals seem lacking on the protein side for my flesh ripping taste.

Gene Pool Diva said...

Hey, if I don't pants, it's because I have maternal issues.

I will go vegetarian for a day or two if I can have sweet potatoes fries with my veggie burger.

Janna girl, you make me laugh!

Janna said...

nonamedufus: I'm used to it by now. I can deal with it because my brain knows it's only going to last a week.

MonkeyMan: Usually I'm a shameless carnivore too. Animals shudder in fear as I approach. Especially when I'm holding a bottle of BBQ sauce.

GenePoolDiva: Welcome! Thanks for visiting and commenting. I need all the help I can get!
I've never had sweet potato fries, but I know people who like them.