Thursday, August 13, 2009

I saw the meteor shower!

I just got in from watching the Perseid meteor shower for a couple hours.
It was pretty cool!
I tried it last night too, but only saw about four of them because I was having a hard time finding a good viewing spot.
Tonight I found a nice spot at the side of the road with a good wide open view of the appropriate section of sky.
In just over two hours (~11:45-2:15), I saw 44 of them! And there were at least ten others that I thought I saw, but it was in my peripheral vision and by the time I looked closer, they were gone already.
Definitely at least 44, though.
How spectacular!
Especially the big bright ones that streak across the sky with that sparkling tail.
It was worth getting sleep-deprived two nights in a row. :)

Around two-ish, a police car pulled up behind me.
Uh-oh, I thought.
Turns out he just wanted to make sure I wasn't stranded or in trouble or anything. When I explained about the meteor shower, he said that was perfectly fine. He even said he'd been watching it too, over near the high school, along with a group of other people.

I'd write more about all this, but it's 2:34 in the morning and I am SO exhausted I simply have to go to bed now.
I just wanted to post about this on one of my blogs, and since it's not really in the "humor" category, I'm putting it here instead of on the Jannaverse.

(Speaking of the Jannaverse, today is my three-year blogiversary there! :)

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