Friday, July 24, 2009

What I've been humming to myself all day long

A few days ago on the Jannaverse, I posted about how much I miss the old Schoolhouse Rock bits.

I know they're all available on a nice DVD set, but my current level of uber-poverty requires that I watch them on YouTube instead. It takes awhile to download because I'm on dial-up, (Yes, I know, I know...) but I enjoy them anyway.

While searching around on YouTube, re-acquainting myself with all the good old Schoolhouse Rock memories, I found one I don't remember seeing when I was a kid.

It's the one that teaches about the predicate, and it's called "The Tale Of Mr. Morton".
I have grown to love it a lot these past few days, and I watch it often. It's so sweet.
I like Mr. Morton. :)
He and I would get along just fine.
Especially since I'm a cat person too! :)

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