Sunday, June 7, 2009

My bladder is mocking me

If you read the Jannaverse, you know I've been sick this week.

I have no energy to get up and do much, so I mostly just drink bottled water, occasionally getting up to be on the computer for a few short minutes. Then I take a moment to pee, then I go back to bed. That's about it.
Sometimes I like to mix things up a bit by peeing BEFORE I check the computer.

Anyway, here's what has puzzled and amazed me.

It seems like for every cup of water I drink, I pee out four times as much.
I keep having to get up and pee and pee and pee and pee over and over and over again, in an amount that's completely disproportionate to what I actually drank.

Where's my body hiding all the extra water?
Have I been a camel all this time and never knew it?

I hope not.
I hate the desert and my back would look lousy with a hump on it.


Thom said...

LOL. Who knows. Funny you talk about this today. You should see what I posted on my blog Sunday Stealing. Must me the weather. Aloha. And I'd you fine out lemme know :)

Thom said...

If is what I'd is suppose to be. LOL damn iPhone