Monday, March 16, 2009

Let the nerdy party begin!

I'm excited!
I just got done wasting a few more moments of my life playing Word Challenge on Facebook.
And I beat my old high score!
My previous high score was 28,089, I think. That put me at the "poet" level.
My new one is 30,686, which puts me at the "anagram cyborg" level!

I realize this makes me a word nerd, but I'm going to brag anyway. :)

Surely this is enough reason for us to have a big nerdy party with all sorts of dictionaries and thesauruses and Scrabble games and crossword puzzles and anagrams and palindromes and other things that would give hot flashes to your old high school English teacher.
Bring your own synonyms. (Which, by the way, rhymes with M&M's. Sort of.)

I just beat my old score of 30686, and now my high score is 35237! :)

Just imagine how much fun I would be if I actually had a social life!
Ooooh! OOOH, another update!
My high score is now 39962.
I was SOOO close to 40,000. Drat!!!
Still, pretty cool!


Jamie said...

I go and admire your score every once in a while. Apparently my brain doesn't unscramble well at high speeds. Scrabble and contemplation seems more compatible. Congratulations on your cyborg status.

Da Old Man said...

You absolutely rock.

I humbly bow down in your presence.