Sunday, February 15, 2009

It's for medicinal purposes, I swear!

I have a sore throat today, so I went and bought some cough drops.
I got the regular cherry kind, and then I decided to try a new flavor.
Ginger Ale. (???!!)

Here's a picture of them.

They're ok, but I haven't decided yet whether I really like them.
The cherry ones are Luden's brand, which are tasty like candy but don't really have that soothing menthol kick.
The ginger ale ones have some menthol, but don't really have a lot of flavor to them. Yet, their subtlety might be growing on me. Hmmm.

I wish there were blueberry-flavored cough drops. I would love them so much, I'd eat them like candy and would probably never have another sore throat ever again.

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