Monday, November 24, 2008

And I'm going to pretend you all sent chocolate, too...

Hey, there!
I'm still breathing.
I didn't do Manic Monday here yesterday because I couldn't think of anything interesting for the "Harvest" theme. I did a post over at the Jannaverse about how you all can harvest my bodily organs after I'm dead.... (Hurry up and pick one before all the good stuff gets taken).
Here, though, I just decided to take the day off.
I'm going to pretend you all missed me.

Oooh, look! An "I Missed You" card!

Oh. No, my mistake. It's just a piece of junk mail from someone who hopes I'll buy their used cars.


Marilyn said...

You mean you won't buy my used cars?

Da Old Man said...

I did. Twice. Honest. Does your mail carrier have chocolate on his or her fingers?