Monday, October 27, 2008

Manic Monday: Ghost

I've mentioned this before on my other blogs, but it bears repeating. I love old cemeteries. Some people think cemeteries are creepy or full of ghosts, but I don't. I find them quiet and peaceful and safe.
It's like being surrounded by history.
I have no interest in newer cemeteries; those are boring. I vastly prefer the old worn stones which have seen a century of time and elements. The older the better.
Anyone born in the 1800's piques my interest, and it's even better if they lived AND died in the 1800's. When I see an old stone, I try to think of what was going on when that person was alive.

If they were born in the early 1800's, Beethoven was still composing music back then.
1860's? Think of the influence of the Civil War.
1888? That's the year Jack The Ripper started killing people over in London. (It's also the year my great-grandmother was born.)

Just think of what fascinating old cemeteries they must have over in Europe.
Am I weird for thinking about this?
On second thought, don't answer that.
Look at Beethoven's gravestone instead.


Jamie said...

Cemeteries are fascinating places. If you like them so much and have old ones near you, you might check and see if all the "residents" have been indexed. Genealogists all over the world, would love you.

anthonynorth said...

Like you, I love old cemeteries. The tranquility is magical.
With your words about dates in the past, it reminds me that I'm from a very old family. Although only in my fifties, my father was born in 1907, and my grandfather, 1870.

Patty said...

I LOVE old grave yards, and like you have a call to find out about old things. I think you might enjoy visiting my paranormal blog so I am listing it as the link to this comment..You can also visit my main blog from there. I hope you will stop in..

My Autism Insights said...

I like cemeteries during the day. I had an old boss who used to take us out to a cemetery (across the street from her shop) when she wanted to have a meeting with us.

Polly said...

I have never seen Beethoven's big metronome head stone. Cool.

bv said...

I love this thought, 'It's like being surrounded by history.'

I always loved to take paper and crayons and etch the stones onto the paper. We lived near one and I was always intrigued by it!