Thursday, August 28, 2008

must... go to.... bed....

I have not been well these past few days.
I've had flu-like symptoms, and I've been EXHAUSTED all the frickin' time.
Tuesday I slept for 11 hours, and when I got up I still felt miserably tired. Three hours later I was so worn out I just couldn't function, and I actually had to go lay down again. That's when my head started hurting.
I slept all Wednesday night, and when I got up this morning (Thursday) I felt semi-ok. But three hours afterward I was back to being exhausted and fatigued again. I didn't go back to bed, though I wish I had.

It's currently 6 in the evening and I am so tired I could slap a ferret with a band-aid.

I realize that made no sense.

I'll definitely be going to bed early tonight.

Good thing I already have my Jannaverse post written for tomorrow.

I went to visit my mom today, and learned that she's been having the same symptoms for the past few days. So maybe there's a bug going around...?


Anonymous said...

Yup - bug going around - Last month I was living in Virginia and EVERYBODY had it - the nausea part was the worst - I don't mind sleeping...

Mo said...

My mom says everyone around her has "the bug" - on Tuesday I felt crappy and drank some Zicam. Wednesday I was achey and nauseated, but then I've felt fine since.
Hope you're doing better today.