Thursday, August 7, 2008

I never thought I would drink this stuff

When I was a kid, I hated tea.
Didn't matter if it was hot or cold, I hated it.
Then, in my late teens/early 20's, I learned to like hot tea. Especially the interesting flavored ones like blackberry, mint, ginger, orange, and grapefruit. (And, of course, the old standby, lemon.)
Incidentally, if you're looking for some really good varieties of tea, Morgen has them at The Wren's Nest. They taste amazing.
Then, a few years ago, I discovered that I liked cold sweetened tea. I like the kind that comes pre-packaged in bottles. Not all that crazy about the instant powdered kind.
For awhile, my favorite was Lipton citrus green tea.
Then I switched to Snapple Green Apple white tea.
Then I decided I preferred Snapple Nectarine white tea.
Then I liked this "sweet tea" that McDonalds brought out.
Now, I've been drinking a lot of the Lipton "Pure Leaf" black tea (sweetened).
I'm drinking some right now, in fact.
Perhaps one of these days I can learn to like UNsweetened tea, so I can have all the goodness of tea without any of the calories. (I know there are "diet" teas out there, but I despise the taste of artificial sweetener).
As it is, I still think I'm better off drinking sweet tea than I was when I was drinking a liter of soda every day.


Meloncutter said...

Alas....... I usually drink unsweetened powdered iced tea. I rarely drink soda or drinks with sugar. Diet drinks give me the impression of sucking on a toad. (I have never sucked a toad but if I were to, I would bet it would be close to diet soft drinks.) I don't drink milk and I don't drink alcoholic beverages even though I do talk about it. I do love my coffee in the morning.

Not much left other than the tea for me I guess. Dang.

Later Y'all.

An CailĂ­n said...

I am absolutely addicted to McDonald's Sweet Tea. It i the only thing that can be fast food I indulge in.

It is almost sickening - but so habit forming.