Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Today I learned about a Michigan legend called the "Dogman".
It's a cryptozoological creature, which is a fancy way of saying "We have no idea what this creature really is."

Some people KNOW the Dogman exists, because they've seen it.

Back in 1987 a radio station (WTCM) played a song called "Year of the Dogman". They meant for it to be a fun little thing, almost a joke. But the joke ended up being on them; people really HAD seen something similar to what the song described. The calls started coming in. Further research was done. Sightings had gone as far back as 1938. Possibly even earlier, since it appears that maybe the Native American tribes (Ottawa) had similar legends of such a creature.

The usual slurry of closed-minded skeptics will, of course, try to explain it all away conveniently with their usual "swamp gas and weather balloon" stuff.

I remain open-minded, convinced that anything is possible.

The Legend of Michigan's Dogman from mindstage on Vimeo.

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