Thursday, July 24, 2008

Rambling and Ranting

I've been having trouble with Blogger lately.
Not Blogspot, just Blogger.
(BlogSPOT is the place where the actual blogs are kept, BlogGER is where the comments are, as well as the pages where you can create posts, edit posts, change settings, view dashboard, etc.)
For almost the entire day, I was locked out of my own blog because I couldn't access any of the Blogger pages. Couldn't get to my own comments, couldn't write new posts.
Over at the Jannaverse, I have it set up where I'm able to post via e-mail if I want. I usually don't, but I can if I need to. Earlier today I posted a half-rant, half-explanation of the whole Blogger trouble thing, via e-mail.
Then, after it posted, I realized there was a typo.
And I couldn't fix it, because I wasn't able to access the EDIT page!
I am very anal about typos. I hate them. Seeing one that I HAD DONE, was enough to make me twitch.
So I e-mailed another blog post, briefly ranting about how I couldn't change anything or add anything...
And then, after that posted, I noticed that Blogger was finally working again.
What timing!!!

It had been unresponsive all day, then I posted my rant, and THEN it decided to start working again.

Sooooo, I decided to go back and delete both my rants.
If Blogger pulls the same thing again later on, I'll re-post it. After all, it's still saved in my e-mail "sent" folder.

Thank you for listening to me ramble on and on.
Usually I try to be a little more interesting than this.


Meloncutter said...

It's OK. This early in the morning I don't need that much excitement.

Later Y'all.

Natural said...

would you consider wordpress or are you a blogspot fan? i have both.

Janna said...

Meloncutter: You could come back and read it in the evening....

Natural: My Jantics blog is on wordpress. I really prefer Blogspot because it's SO much easier to change fonts and colors and graphics and layout there. With wordpress, you have to know CSS/HTML, and I am sadly lacking in that department. I can barely get my Jantics sidebar looking the way I like it.