Friday, June 6, 2008

Look at my weather!

My entire state is being covered with a tornado watch today.
And we have some tornado warnings as well.

See that line of storms?
It's headed right for me.
(I'm right above the "T" in the word "Toledo")
Nothing has hit yet; it's still sunny and hot. Windy, but no storm. Not even any rain.
As soon as it approaches, obviously I'm gonna turn off the computer and go hide somewhere.
The scary thing is that I don't have a cellar/basement, so I have nowhere to take cover.

1 comment:

Padraigin said...

Thank god it missed us! nary a drop of rain unfortunately, my gardena nd crops could use it! lol

Talked my in laws though in the Ida area and turns out Dundee/Monroe got hit..and Albion had a tornado..yikes!