Monday, March 3, 2008

Manic Monday: Want

If I could have anything I wanted, here's a partial list....

1) Frova prescription, refillable indefinitely, along with excellent health insurance to pay for it

2) I want Yankee Candle to bring back its Balsam Fir scent, and I want a steady supply of large candle jars in that scent.

3) Magic pill that would make me lose all the weight I wanted.

4) Maid service for the rest of my life, possibly from a nice drag queen named Andi.

5) Home in Florida with A/C, close enough to stalk Fab.

6) Home in Oregon or Washington, close enough to stalk Travis and/or Michael.

7) Ability to have an orgasm every time I sneezed.

8) Lots and lots of pepper.


The Flying Monkeys said...

Great Monday Post " I just want your extra time and your kiss kiss" ( Prince). Come on over and check out what I want!

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Bwahahahahahah. Watch out for Pam if you're going to stalk Travis. I love #3 and #7. Bwahahahahaha. Have a great MM. :)

Janna said...

Deb: Everytime I hear that song, I think of the funny scene in Pretty Woman, where Julia Roberts is singing in the bathtub. :)

Sandee: Notice how #7 fits together so nicely with #8.

Marilyn said...

I'll take one order each of 3, 4, 7, and 8... not sure I want to move close to Fab, unless he'll pay us good money to stalk him.

Mo said...

I've heard of peeing every time you sneeze, but not orgasming... although snuff was popular once - was there a connection?

Janna said...

Marilyn: Maybe we should e-mail him to ask what his pay rates are.

Morgen: I wonder!

Becky said...

i laughed so loud at 7 and 8 that i snorted. thanks for that.

Janna said...

Becky: Excellent!