Friday, March 28, 2008

Craving Pine Scents!

I wish a had a good pungent pine-scented candle to burn right now.
I have a couple of other candles I can use, but no pine ones.
Isn't that odd, to be "craving" a scent? It's the same as if I was craving nachos or brownies or pizza rolls.
The very best pine candles in the whole world were the "Balsam Fir" ones, made by Yankee Candle. Unfortunately, they discontinued the scent a couple years ago. This annoyed me greatly, because I LOVED that scent. You could burn a big 20-oz jar and the scent would fill the whole room. It was wonderful.
If you know of any excellent substitutes, let me know.


Mo said...

Balsam Fir was one of the best pine-scented candles ever made.

Travis said...

Mmmmmmm...pine scented candles are great!