Wednesday, January 2, 2008

My blogs

I recently got asked why I have three blogs instead of just one.
That's a good question, really.
There IS a difference between them, and here's my attempt to explain it.

The difference between Jantics and Jantrails and Jannaverse is this:

The Jannaverse is my primary blog, the one I post on almost every day. It's almost entirely devoted to humor and absurd stuff. And it's a Blogspot blog.

Jantrails is a secondary blog, also hosted on Blogspot. It's kind of my home away from home. This is where I'll blog about things that don't seem to fit on Jannaverse, for whatever reason. If I ever have an ugly nasty painful rant to post, I'll probably do it on one of my secondary blogs, rather than Jannaverse, which is devoted to humor. (usually... I hope). In the absence of rants and "serious" stuff, I usually just put Jannaverse-type stuff on Jantrails and hope that people come over to read it. Think of it as "Jannaverse-Light".

Jantics is another secondary blog, and it's hosted on a separate domain. In case Blogspot ever goes defunct or if they ever become unusable for any reason, this is the blog I will switch to. As far as content goes, it's the same as what I just said about Jantrails. Some humor, some serious stuff, some general stuff about my life that I think is too "ordinary" to post on Jannaverse. Jantics is in WordPress format, thus the difference with the sign-in procedures and anti-spam words.

I allow paid ads/posts (like PPP) on Jantics AND Jantrails, but not on Jannaverse.
Hopefully this helped clear up things.
Though I feel sort of confused now myself, but hey, what else is new.


Becky said...

whew, that was a mouthful!
thanks for taking the time to explain.

Janna said...

Becky: Thanks for asking the question! It was good for me, to have to sit and really think about the difference between the blogs.