Monday, January 7, 2008

Manic Monday: One

I have exactly ONE dollar left in my wallet.
It has to last me 'til Wednesday, when I have a bank transfer coming in from PayPal.
If I just stay home and sleep for 48 hours straight, I'll be fine!
Sleeping is still free, thank goodness, because none of the politicians have thought about taxing it yet.
I hope I didn't just give them any ideas.
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Dont make me get out my flying Monkeys! said...

Nice Monday post! Come by and check out my revamped, made over blog, and take a peak at my Manic Monday blog!


Jamie said...

But you also have 100 pennies ... which might be enough for 100 M & Ms or 2 M & Ms per hour ... more if you take time to nap between meals.

Mo said...

Yeah, they'd better NOT start taxing sleep! Bastardos!

Marilyn said...

As long as the ISP is paid for, you can blog between naps. That's still pretty much free.

Travis said...

Just wake yourself up every so often and have a glass of water.

Janna said...

Deb: Revamped AND made over? Wow!

Jamie: They would have to be LONG naps...

Morgen: Exactly!

Marilyn: Thank goodness!

Travis: Yes, I'd hate to be both poor AND dehydrated.