Saturday, November 3, 2007

Because there's only so much you can do with a matchbox

I want a new digital camera.
The one I have now is about the size of a matchbox and doesn't even have a view-thingy to look through. I think it cost about ten bucks. Ten or twenty. I can't remember. For as cheap as it was, it's done an ok job, but I want something better. I want to look through the digital cameras that are available these days and see if I can find something I like at a fair price. Surely there must be something out there that's just right for me.
Since I love to work with graphics, a camera can be an important tool. For example, my current avatar is one I took with my camera. For no reason, I decided I wanted a picture of me with a banana held up against my face. So I did it! I uploaded the picture into my photo-editing software, cropped it, changed the lighting, made the coloring better, and added a thin black border around the edges.
I really like that picture because it captures my essence. Thoughtful and contemplative, yet fun and fond of being strange for no reason.
My ideal digital cameras would have a screen in back where I could view the picture I just took, so I could immediately decide whether to keep it or delete it. It would take pictures with good resolution, and would be able to take more than 20 such pictures at one session (unlike my current camera).
If any of you out there really love me, and if you're obscenely rich, and you're wondering what to get me for a holiday present....

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