Thursday, July 5, 2007

Thirteen Things That Do NOT Go Well With Ketchup

1) Cornflakes
2) Chocolate
3) Spinach
4) Coffee
5) Strawberries
6) Banana Cream Pie
7) Oatmeal cookies
8) Pepsi
9) Marshmallows
10) Pumpkin
11) Caramel
12) Sushi
13) Licorice
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Lynda said...

Did you try ketchup with these items because you aren't refrigerating your ketchup?

Lynda said...

BTW, my ketchup said to refrigerate after opening, but my mustard didn't.

Marilyn said...

You don't put ketchup on your sushi? Wow. Weird.

Morgen said...

Actually I bet ketchup is about the only thing that would make sushi edible. After cooking the shit for ten minutes in the deep fryer, of course.

Amazing Gracie said...

Have you ever thought of getting an agent? You're good!!!
And I'm afraid not even ketchup could salvage sushi...

Janna said...

Lynda: Stay tuned over at Jannaverse for the updates on the ketchup experiment!

Marilyn: I realize this makes me an outcast.

Morgen: Yay for deep fried fish!

Amazing Gracie: Thanks for your kind words about the agent. :) I wish I was that popular!

Aisby said...

Actually, I personally believe that NOTHING goes well with ketchup.