Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Running on empty

I went to see fireworks last night, and they were ok, but I hated all the traffic afterward. The fairground was FULL of people, and even though I just sat in my car the whole time, I still had to contend with a sea of people exiting the area.
My gas tank was almost on EMPTY, so I feared I might run out of fuel if I had to sit and idle in traffic for very long.
I'm still surprised I made it home ok.
My gas tank is still on "E". I don't have money to fill it. Although I do have a check I can cash (and hopefully another check on the way), so I can go to the bank tomorrow and get some money, then fill my tank!
Couldn't do it today because all banks were closed for the fourth of July.


Patti said...

Oh we were going to go last night! How was it? We ended up coming home and watching tv instead lol..I was too tired to fight the crowds. It gets dark too damn late lol :) I am anxiously awaiting September! lol

Janna said...

Patti: It was ok. I'm beginning to think all fireworks look the same. :) Next year I hope I remember how bad the traffic was, and I'll just stay home and eat red and blue jello or something.