Monday, May 21, 2007

Ten Things That May Happen During The Next 90 Days

1) The Canadians may invade Montana.
2) We may not even know about it until 2009.
3) After becoming bored with Sweet-and-Sour sauce, someone in "New Montana" may invent "Bitter-and-Salty" sauce.
4) We may discover life on Pluto.
5) The Plutonians will be really pissed that we don't consider their home to be a "real" planet.
6) The Plutonians will plot our catastrophic demise.
7) But someone will send them a sample of Bitter-and-Salty sauce.
8) The Plutonians will LOVE Bitter-and-Salty sauce.
9) The Plutonians will offer peace and prosperity and amazing futuristic technology, if only we agree to send them a steady supply of the sauce.
10) George Bush will decline the offer and invade them anyway, thus triggering an interplanetary war that will last until 2319.

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